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Welcome to Kelyn's Birthday Fundraising Page

Kelyn Rowe

$28 for my 28th!

In lieu of Instagram posts, birthday texts and gifts this year, my wish is that people would donate $28 in honor of my 28th birthday to the Jessie Rees Foundation. This foundation has been an incredible partner in the opportunity I have been given to encourage kids fighting cancer through Kelyn's NEGU Crew! Since 2014, I have had the honor of meeting over 30 kids fighting cancer and their families and I hope to continue! All of these families are part of my NEGU Crew.

With your support of $28, more kids fighting cancer can receive one of Jessie Rees' JoyJars and we can continue to encourage them during their fight! From December 2nd to 11:59pm on December 3rd which is Giving Tuesday, let's try to raise some money for the Jessie Rees Foundation together!

- Kelyn

:: More about my involvement with the Jessie Rees Foundation ::
Kelyn Rowe first teamed up with The Jessie Rees Foundation in summer of 2014. First starting with hospital visits to deliver JoyJars & encourage the kids there to NEGU (Never Ever Give Up), his passion for the mission of the Jessie Rees Foundation grew very quickly and knew he could do more.

At his first hospital visit in Boston, Massachusetts, Kelyn met a child fighting cancer who he instantly connected with over their love of soccer. David and Kelyn sat in the playroom exchanging MLS & Premiere League predictions and after leaving David to encourage other kids in the clinic, this left Kelyn brainstorming ways he could provide VIP experiences for kids fighting cancer, like David.

Just a few months later, David became the first ever Kelyn’s NEGU Crew kid! In collaboration with the Jessie Rees Foundation and the New England Revolution Foundation, Kelyn’s NEGU Crew included a pre-game, on-field meet & greet, box suite tickets, a concessions gift card and a post-game gratitude lap. This experience became the model used for over 30 different kids fighting cancer and their families from that first event with David in 2014 to the end of the 2018 season. As Kelyn brought the Revolution fans section along the Kelyn’s NEGU Crew journey, a community was built of kids supporting NEGU kids, fans supporting NEGU kids and an incredible culture of encouragement was created.

During the past 6 years, Kelyn has also hosted kids fighting cancer at away games in Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, and the NEGU Crew model has expanded and grown to now take place at FC Dallas & remains part of the Revolution’s culture after Kelyn’s departure. The impact Kelyn continues to have in creating a culture of charity in the MLS is unmatched.



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Recent Donations

1. Jerry And Donna Tomlinson
Happy Birthday Kelyn! Your commitment to the "91st minute" is so inspiring! Thank you for ALL you do for kids fighting cancer and their families! You inspire the world!
2. Scott Rowe
Happy Birthday. so proud of all you do for these kids and seeing the smile it brings to you
3. Susan Perreault
Happy belated bday from sueperrr!
4. Lori & Reed Williams
Happy Birthday Kelyn! Reed & I love you very much!
5. Kristen Martina
Happy Birthday Kelyn!! I’ll continue to wear #11 in Gillette forever
6. Jared Dodge
Happy birthday!