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Jazzy for Kids Fighting Cancer

Grant Frum

Jazzy for Kids Fighting Cancer!

Thank you for your interest in attending our Jazz Night for Kids fighting cancer! We are on a mission to help encourage kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up! With your recent donation, we will help send boosts of joy to courageous kids around the world.

We are suggesting a donation of $10 to help support our Courageous Kids fighting cancer! With your $10 donation, you will reserve a seat at the event and food.

We are so excited to hang out with you and look forward to seeing you at the Jazz Concert! Thank you for your support!

Alex Graden


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Recent Donations

1. Grant Frum
2. Julie Wynia
3. Sabrina Evanson
4. Jeremy D Wayland
5. Melissa And Glen Goldsmith
Thank you for your work on this exciting program. Can't wait to hear the concert!!
6. Julie Temple