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Benjamin Steinberg

Benjamin Steinberg's 7th Birthday Wish

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! We are on a mission to help encourage kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up! With your help, we can help send boosts of joy to courageous kids around the world. Thank you for your support! - Benjamin


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Recent Donations

1. Benjamin Paramo
Happy birthday Buddy! Hope you had a great day!
2. Felice Koons
Happy Birthday Ben! You already figured out that true joy is gained through giving. You are so special! We love you. Echo, Felice and Paul
3. Renee Marshall
Happy Birthday Ben!! We love you and your giving heart. Love the Marshalls
4. Auntie Joy
Happy Birthday, Benjamin! <3 It brings me so much happiness knowing what a kind and loving person you are growing up to be. You are one awesome kid. I love you!!
5. Auntie Ly-Ly
Happy birthday to the sweetest 7 year old boy. Love you, Ben!
6. Lara Lee Kurutz
Happy Birthday Ben -- such a Humanitatian!